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Apriva partners with several prominent companies in the payments industry. Recently we received this great testimonial from American Payment Systems on our ongoing partnership and mobile payments solutions. 
At American Payment Systems (APS), our first priority is on customer satisfaction, which we deliver by forming partnerships with companies that can offer the best possible service to our customers. APS has partnered with Apriva for more than five years, and I have personally seen our relationship flourish since I joined APS. When partnering with a third-party, APS looks for qualities like reliability, honesty and great service, and Apriva epitomizes these. The service provided to APS and our merchants from Apriva, on all levels, is consistently pleasant.  
Apriva is the sole provider of the wireless solutions we resell to our customers. We rely on the expertise of the terminal technicians at Apriva’s 24/7 help desk to assist our office staff and our merchants when it comes to all things wireless. Their amazing support team can help with anything from onboarding a merchant in Apriva Back Office to troubleshooting wireless devices.  One of the reasons we appreciate the help desk so much is their genuinely helpful demeanor; the techs at the help desk work patiently and adamantly when assisting our customers.
Recently, we found our merchants were looking for a more affordable mobile payment system that provided excellent ease of use. In evaluating our options, we looked to Apriva. Their AprivaPay Mobile brandable mobile payment solution seemed to be the ideal way to meet our merchants’ needs.
We started by including AprivaPay Mobile alongside other mobile payment offerings in our portfolio. We noticed a trend of merchants being drawn towards AprivaPay Mobile because of its user-friendly interface and low cost. Additionally, Apriva offers incredible support and provides tutorials for every nook and cranny of the app, making it almost inconceivable to fail at using the program. As a result, we have begun to prioritize the AprivaPay Mobile option over competitive products. Apriva has provided so many resources that it is impossible to NOT be successful in selling this product. 
Our relationship with Apriva is successful greatly due to the personal attention from our relationship manager, making sure every level of our organization from sales to tech (and our customers) are being well-served. I earlier stated that we have found that service provided to APS and our merchants on all levels is always pleasant and consistent. The environment and brand that Apriva has created is consistently positive, and we appreciate that in a partner we rely on. We continue to introduce new products like AprivaPay Mobile and promote them to our merchants because we believe in Apriva’s brand and stand behind their quality. Our merchants look to us to provide them with the best possible services, and we look to our partners to back these efforts. We know Apriva always has our back. 
Alex Kunkel, Vice President of Operations, American Payment Systems.

Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

Apriva merchants can now use either a cash discount or a convenience fee with the AprivaPay mobile app!