AprivaPay POS for Restaurants Could Save Merchants Thousands Per Year!

Restaurant POS

From managing and adjusting tips, splitting orders, printing order notes, and more, today’s restaurants need powerful, integrated pos solutions, at a rate they can afford. Whether you’re running a fast casual restaurant or food truck, selling at markets, pop-up restaurants, or even ghost restaurants, Apriva is here to help. AprivaPay is the powerful pos for restaurants to accept payments at the curb, behind the counter, or in the kitchen, while saving up to $6,000 a year over our competitors.*

Different ways to use AprivaPay for Restaurants:

  • Behind the Counter: AprivaPay Register is the single platform you need for your register payments. Built for any business that needs a countertop payment solution, manage tips, integrate with cash drawers, printers, and card readers, dynamic reporting, and more.
  • At the Table or On the Go: Need to collect payment at the table, or is your business mobile like a food truck or farmers market stand? Use AprivaPay Mobile to accept any payment type, anywhere your business takes you, on any Apple, Android, or Amazon phone or tablet.
  • Curbside Pickup, Order-Ahead, Card Not Present: Use AprivaPay’s Invoice feature to send digital invoice requests via SMS or email directly from the app. Perfect for accepting payments when a customer doesn’t present a debit or credit card, curbside pickup, order-ahead, or to generate digital invoices on-location.

Tired of Paying for Features You Don’t Use?

Unlike our four-leaf and quadrangle friends who make you pay for hundreds of features you probably don’t need, our POS for restaurants gives you the features and functionality you need at a price point you can afford. Like these:

  • Accept a variety of payments, from credit and debit and mobile wallets, to subscriptions, gift cards, campus cards, and more.
  • Powerful reporting dashboard
  • Mobile and register point of sale.
  • Print order notes and receipts.
  • Comprehensive tip management.
  • Generate digital invoices via text or email
  • Digital invoicing via SMS or email
  • Language and currency localization.
  • APIs and SDKs for integration needs
  • Extensive hardware bundles, EMV certified devices, and certified peripherals
  • 24/7 US-based customer service
  • Highest level of protection from fraud

Comprehensive Equipment Bundles for Any Business

Regardless of what type of restaurant you’re running, from fast-casual and mobile food trucks, to market booths, pop up restaurants, or even ghost restaurants, we give you the functionality you need to get paid at the lowest possible rates. Choose from one of our easy bundles, or mix and match equipment.

Restaurant POS Bundles

Merchant Studio, the Powerful Web-Based Dashboard with Everything you Need

  • Virtual terminal transaction capabilities, great for taking payments securely over the phone.
  • Refund capabilities for mobile, invoice, subscription, or virtual terminal transactions.
  • Advanced reporting dashboard.
  • Admin-level user creation and management.
  • Transaction reports by user.
  • Cloud inventory management.
  • Exportable enterprise-level XML reports
  • Integrated customer support.
  • Device management.
  • Generate digital invoices and send via email or text.

Apriva POS for Restaurants Key Strengths:

  • Accept signature and credit and debit cards
  • Mobile wallet acceptance (NFC)
  • Cash discounts
  • Campus card (closed-loop) acceptance
  • Generate digital invoices
  • Gift cards
  • Cash payment tracking
  • Multi-tender payments
  • Cashier or in-line tipping
  • Full order refunds
  • Sales reports
  • Shift and batch reports
  • Split payment
  • Split orders by items
  • Restaurant tipping with tip adjust
  • Partial refunds by item
  • Cash drawer management
  • Import/export inventory catalog
  • Inventory categories, subcategories, and groups
  • Top selling inventory reporting
  • Item modifiers, order notes
  • Multiple tax rates by item
  • Tax reports
  • Tax exempt orders
  • Multi-user access

Easy to Set up and Use

AprivaPay Anywhere products and compatible hardware are fast and easy to set up, creating a seamless experience. It’s just as easy as setting up any other app or Bluetooth device.

Accept Any Way Your Customers Want to Pay

  • Credit and Debit: Accept Magstripe, EMV chip, and Tap payments on your POS device
  • Mobile Wallets: Accept NFC Payments such as ApplePay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.
  • Campus Cards: Accept campus cards, military ID cards, and other closed-loop payments.
  • Virtual Terminal: No POS? No problem. Manually enter card information into your AprivaPay app, or use our Merchant Studio web companion to key in payments, great for secure phone orders.
  • Generate Invoices: Send digital invoices via SMS or email directly from your AprivaPay app or Merchant Studio, great for curbside pickup, order-ahead, or generating invoices on-location.
  • Card Tokenization: Our Card Not Present (CNP) or “card on file” tokenization allows customers to not have to show their cards at all, and allows merchants to accept CNP payment methods such as biometrics, QR codes, stored subscription information, and more.

Highest Level of Protection From Fraud

Apriva is a PCI Level 1 Service provider, independently validated by VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council™ (PCI-SSC). We are one of the only P2PE Certified Gateways in the industry. Period. Others claim P2PE, but they are “self-assessed”. We are certified by a PCI Council Auditor every 2 years. This means the odds of you being responsible for a data breach are as low as they can possibly be. 

Experience a Better Level of Service

At Apriva, we treat you like a human, giving you 24/7 access to live US-based sales and customer support professionals. That’s the way we believe business should operate. So go ahead! Give us a call at 877-435-3141, or email us at pos@apriva.com.

*According to Apriva price comparison of AprivaPay Register Counter Premium bundle vs. leading competitor comparable product, research completed in 2022.