EMV For Unattended Market

Last month, we hit a major milestone. By completing EMV certification of Globalcom Engineering’s BV1000 device with Global Payments through our Gateway, we have released the first EMV certified unattended solution in the United States. This is huge for not just us, but the industry, as upgrading to EMV is a critical step in protecting ourselves from credit card fraud.
As we continue to look forward to the future in payments, we have learned that future-proofing our payments solutions to adapt easily and incorporate new technologies is one of the best benefits we can offer to both merchants and consumers alike. Since purchasing payments equipment is an expensive and rare expenditure for most organizations, we want to make sure that the solutions we provide stay relevant and stand the test of time, allowing them to keep up with new innovations in payments, without having to expend more capital. By providing payments that will update with the industry, we speed adoption of new technologies, security protocols and trends, making payments safer and easier.
Our certification of the BV1000 brings EMV security to unattended solutions that are ruggedized for use outdoors and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for self-service payment stations in parking garages and car washes around the country. Bringing EMV technology to unattended solutions is absolutely essential. With solutions like ours, merchants can be assured that they will be covered not just for today’s shift to EMV, but for future payment technology changes as well.
– Justin Passalaqua, Director of Sales