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Equipment Financing Dispenses Extra Revenue

Over the years, unattended equipment operators have spoken…and we’ve listened. You wanted multiple payment processor options? Check. How about secure transactions? No problem. It’s in our DNA. The latest technology? Of course. We’re always open to feedback. That’s why we’ve taken your recent input seriously, and we’re acting on it. Today, we introduce total equipment financing. Vending machine operators and those who utilize other unattended solutions like ticketing and kiosks, have let us know how hard it can be to free up capital to upgrade their fleet or expand to other markets. This is why we are particularly excited to announce our new equipment financing program to provide competitive financial solutions to our partners and customers. 
Participants in our equipment financing program will have a total financial solution (including freight, installation and other charges), which includes a choice of hardware-software paired with Apriva’s flexible cashless payment solution, Apriva Vend™. You can tailor a financial plan to meet your business needs, with flexible plans from 24-60 months long, a wide variety of hardware options to choose from and end-of-term options. With a fixed rate and no money down contract, this program is a great way to conserve cash, upgrade your technology and reap the benefits of our highly secure, PCI compliant solutions for unattended markets.
Our comprehensive, flexible cashless payment solution, offers operators and businesses the ability to accept all forms of cashless payment including campus cards. Customers can pay the way they want to, increasing revenue and providing end-customers with the options they desire, and operators can choose the partners and processors that make sense for them. 
Interested in our equipment finance program? Contact Apriva to complete a one-page credit application and you can have a decision for application-only transactions within approximately two to four business hours. Larger transactions are generally decided within one to two business days. 
We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting new program!
– James Lawrence, Vice President of Market Solutions at Apriva

Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

Apriva merchants can now use either a cash discount or a convenience fee with the AprivaPay mobile app!