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Cash is no longer king as more and more people move to EMV credit cards and mobile payments. Many business have struggled to keep pace with increasingly fast changes in payments, but with the right partners, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Small businesses can meet the evolving payment needs of their customers simply by choosing the right solutions. At Apriva, our Integration Services (AIS) can help bring agile payments to merchants needed to accept the latest payments forms including mobile wallets, NFC, EMV and traditional credit cards.
AIS offers APIs, mobile payment SDKs, and web services, making the latest in payments technologies accessible to businesses of every kind. Through our integration services, Independent Software Vendors (ISV) gain access to the Apriva Gateway, connecting to 35 certified processors – streamlining payments certifications into one easy connection. 
While there’s no limit on the applications for our integrated services, here’s a list of some businesses that are perfectly paired to utilize our AIS offerings:
1. Food Trucks. By utilizing our integration services to achieve acceptance of EMV and mobile payments, food trucks can satisfy customers’ appetites and payment needs. Food trucks are quick and fun dining, your payments should be too. 
2. Kiosks. We recognize how critical it is for kiosks to accept an array of payments, since they are completely unattended machines.  In order to make kiosks highly accessible, our AIS team has developed integration solutions that can easily be added to existing POS systems, saving time and money.
3. Parking. For parking, more often than not, you pay when you leave. If you don’t have the right form of payment, leaving the garage or lot can become a great inconvenience. By integrating with AIS and maximizing the payment options, you can dramatically improve the experience for your customers.
4. Ticketing.  From entry windows to event acceptance, it’s important for different types of business that manage ticketing to be able to accept all payment methods in addition to cash. Customers are looking for efficiency and speed when it comes to ticket purchasing. With AIS, ISVs are able to provide quick ticketing and have improved machine management. 
5. Car Washes. Automatic carwashes have become commonplace. Customers use them because they are quick and efficient, and they expect paying for them to be just as easy. With AIS, car wash solution providers can increase revenue and be ready for the future of payments, reducing their workforce and overhead by allowing customers to pay at a machine.
6. Golf Courses. When out hitting the links, most golfers aren’t carrying around large wallets or purses. Golf courses can make payments easy, whether in the clubhouse, or at a services stand by connecting to our integrated services and streamlining the payments experience for their members.
Integrated services are an easy way to offer customers a multitude of payments options without the hassle of managing individual connections to a large range of processors. For today’s modern businesses, accepting multiple forms of payments is essential to growth and customer satisfaction. Apriva’s integrated services are an ideal solution for these markets, allowing for seamless acceptance of all forms of payments, while staying secure and compliant, no matter the location.  
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– Russ Palay, Product Director, Market Solutions

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