How to Be a Payments Pioneer: Future-Proofing mPOS

Today’s payment landscape is changing at a breakneck speed. We are seeing exciting new ways merchants can reap the benefits of mobile tech to lower costs and remove the pain associated with combining mobile apps with their payment solutions. Our latest white paper, “Future-Proofing the M-POS: Selecting Mobile Technology to Integrate Apps and Payments,” developed in collaboration with Mercator Advisory Group, takes a look at how merchants can take advantage of these trends to make it easier for them to introduce easy and low-cost point-of-sale (POS) services that are deeply integrated into their transactions.  

POS has changed radically since the clunky first model, known as “Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier,” was developed in 1871. The next century saw the addition of receipts and a motor, but major changes to the original design didn’t come until IBM introduced the electronic cash register (ECR) in the mid-1970s. The following 20 years saw the rise of PC-based POS. While more technologically advanced than the previous models, these devices were, and are, relatively expensive and difficult to upgrade.  

What we are seeing today are always-connected payment devices that are based on open platforms and operating systems. These devices let merchants deliver services that can be embedded directly into the payment transaction, such as loyalty programs, inventory management solutions, payroll and incentive solutions, all delivered via the Internet as cloud-based services. POS has come a long way!

The Apriva solution set makes these possibilities a reality, while also maintaining reliability, enhanced security features and a proven business model that fits all carriers, acquirers, independent services organizations and independent software organizations. This foundation makes it possible to support evolving payment types such as EMV, NFC and tokens, all of which are required to support Apple Pay. Apriva can process credit, debit, EBT and closed-loop gift card transactions across more than 35 different processors in North America, as well as non-card-based payments such as ACH, checks and digital currencies including bitcoin.

Apriva’s solution set takes advantage of the latest innovations in mobile devices, answering the opportunities of mobile POS (mPOS) systems with best-of-industry technology. Merchants must realize they will be left behind, and are making a costly mistake, by not future-proofing their mPOS systems.

For more information on how merchants can modernize their mPOS systems and stay ahead of the game, make sure to check out our white paper, “Future-Proofing M-POS-Selecting Mobile Technology to Integrate Apps and Payments.pdf.” 

Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

Apriva merchants can now use either a cash discount or a convenience fee with the AprivaPay mobile app!