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Leveraging Apriva’s APIs

Apriva offers several application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow independent software vendors (ISVs) and other technology shops to integrate payments into their existing customer portals.  Beyond payment transaction information, these program interfaces deliver automation and integration for on-boarding, reporting, and reconciliation—saving time, lowering costs, and reducing the risk of data errors.  Utilizing a payment gateway such as Apriva, along with our diverse API options, can help integrators deliver a holistic and secure payment solution with their software.

As a quick introduction to Apriva APIs, we’d like to introduce some of our most common interfaces:

XML Onboarding API

Apriva has created an XML on-boarding interface that allows our customers to automate the provisioning of their customers (e.g., individual merchants) on the Apriva gateway.  The Apriva boarding interface can be accessed via a TCP/IP socket connection using TLS 1.2 security to add, modify, and delete their merchants and their point of sale (POS) devices.

Specific features of our XML onboarding include:

  • BIN Exclusion that allows customers to assign BIN values or ranges to their merchants that will be declined at the Apriva gateway when payment cards within those BIN values or ranges are submitted for payment processing.
  • Options to allow merchants to accept only specific card types—for example, a merchant can be set to accept only Visa cards and decline all other card brands.
  • Risk Management tools that allows our customers to set Sale limits at the per-transaction level: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Limits can also be set on Refunds.
  • Access and enrollment into Premium Services such as:
    • Visa Preferred Program (VPP) which grants preferred interchange rates to small-ticket merchants committed to Visa transactions
    • MasterCard Transaction Incentive Program (MTIP) which grants preferred interchange rates to small-ticket merchants committed to Mastercard transactions

Reporting API

Apriva has developed a Reporting API that our customers can consume to get almost real-time transaction details. Beyond normal transaction details—such as Transaction ID, Transaction Amount, Transaction Timestamp, etc.—the reporting API can provide additional details such as Cardholder name, first six digits and last four digits of PAN, audit level details on failed transactions, etc. that give customers full control to display such data and load it to their own databases for analysis and reporting.