Loyalty App Creates Engaged Audiences for FEC

With AprivaPay Loyalty’s mobile solution, push notifications pop up on your customers’ mobile devices—even if they are not in the app or using their device at the time. These push notifications can be customized and targeted using customer data to highlight key activities and drive customer interaction.

For businesses using AprivaPay Loyalty, push notifications are a way to communicate directly to individual users—driving customer interactions with click-through rates twice as high as emails. Push notifications can be tailored to purpose and audience, and sent at any time to:

  • Promote offers and increase sales
  • Raise customer interaction
  • Re-engage inactive users
  • Send receipts
  • Drive users to other marketing channels, such as social networks
  • Optimize special event participation
  • Increase traffic during known downtimes
  • Balance inquiry

 Ready to drive customer loyalty?
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