mPOS Migration Made Simple for ISOs

ISOs and their merchants can move quickly to new mobile solutions


When ISOs (or financial institutions) engage Apriva to white-label the AprivaPay Mobile mPOS, they need help migrating their merchant-base to the new solution. Apriva’s migration tool allows for a seamless, branded migration process for merchants moving to your new mobile platform.

Merchant Perspective

A personalized email is sent to merchants explaining the new product, features, EMV reader and eligibility. The activation button contains a unique merchant identification to pass through to a branded landing page. Merchant data is pre-populated for each user (via data elements contained in the personalized email) to speed their migration.

Once merchants have activated the account, delivery of the card reader is confirmed with an option for editing the delivery address.

Activation Flow

1. ISO delivers email to merchant with link to migration page in Apriva’s Merchant Studio

2. Merchant clicks on “activation link” in email and is taken to pre-populated form

3. Merchant can edit contact details

4. Merchant selects mobile platform (Android or iOS)

5. Merchant can edit shipping address for card reader

6. Merchant clicks “Activate,” which triggers account activation, sends SMS confirmation, and directs merchant to Merchant Studio

7. Daily report is generated (Microsoft Excel file) with details of all merchants who have migrated to new mobile solution

To learn more about white-labeling AprivaPay Mobile to your brand and merchants, and our streamlined migration process, please contact your Apriva Account Manager or email us at today.