Offering the Next Generation of Self-Checkout Solutions with VendSys

Have you used a self-checkout kiosk to make a purchase? If so, you’re in good company. According to a recent poll by Retale, 85 percent of United States Internet respondents have used in-store self-checkout kiosks, and reasons cited include having a small number of items to purchase and shorter lines. So if you aren’t a regular user of self-checkout, what’s stopping you? If it’s the lack of payment options for mobile solutions such as Apple Pay or Android Pay, we’re happy to say that this could no longer be an issue.
We recently partnered with VendSys, a hosted vending management system that is built from the ground up with software, handhelds, remote monitoring and – you guessed it – cashless transactions. Once VendSys expanded to include additional payment options, they needed a gateway partner to support payment processing. Then they found us.
“We were impressed and surprised with the speed at which we were able to integrate with the Apriva Gateway," said John Davies, president at VendSys. "We thought it may take weeks of delays and administrative bottle necks before we could integrate. However, the professionalism of Apriva’s support and on-boarding staff, and the clear documentation path made it easy to test and certify our POS solution and then move to the Apriva production gateway in just three days."
The VendSys POS solution is now integrated with the Apriva Gateway and delivering a complete vending management system in a single, seamless unit with cashless payment options. 
"The ease of integration with Apriva made for a great experience—one that you are always hoping for when working with partner services,” said Davies.
So the next time you have the option to use a self-checkout kiosk, give it a try. Our partnership with VendSys is helping these POS solutions become quicker, easier and more mobile-friendly every day.
– Justin Passalaqua, Director of Sales, Integration Services

Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

Apriva merchants can now use either a cash discount or a convenience fee with the AprivaPay mobile app!