Payments Reporting and Dashboard for Merchants

In managing payments and finances, merchants require robust management tools to enable reporting, refund capabilities, user and product administration, and more.  The strength of such tools can greatly improve business operations and bookkeeping.

Merchants offering an omnichannel payment experience for their customers have a greater challenge for reporting.  Some companies provide a reporting tool for each point of interaction or payment acceptance method, requiring a merchant to have multiple logins and disconnected reports.  However, Apriva provides a complete Merchant Studio to enable merchants to view their entire business in one portal—streamlining reporting and business analytics.

Apriva’s Merchant Studio delivers:

  • Advanced reporting dashboard
  • Transaction reports by user or device
  • User account creation and management
  • Cloud inventory management
  • Device management
  • Virtual terminal for mail orders/telephone orders (MOTO)
  • Integrated customer support
  • And much, much more!

Ready to see your entire payment ecosystem from one studio?

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