Self-Service Solutions: Two-Tier Pricing Capabilities for Vendors

Two-tier pricing enables vending operators to charge two different vend prices—one for credit and debit charges and one lower (or discounted) price for cash purchases. Such pricing models give vending operators the opportunity to increase prices on credit and debit sales so as to recuperate transaction processing fees. This capability also enables operators to maintain the same margin on the products they sell, regardless of the payment transaction type.

Apriva’s adaptive payment platform supports two-tier pricing, and even allows pricing controls to be set for low-volume times of day to help drive sales. Vending operators often see low-volume periods vary based on the location of particular machines. Reduced prices, sale prices, two-tiered pricing, and promotions can be easily set and adjusted with the Apriva Partner Studio.

For more details on Apriva’s two-tier pricing capabilities with hardware partner, Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), please email us at or call us at (877) 277-0728 with any questions!