Vending Self Service Payments – Corn Xpress’ Solution

Corn Xpress is an agricultural vending machine open 24/7 to the public that accepts cash, credit and debit cards. Founded by a trio of Mississippi medical professionals with a passion for the outdoors, Corn Xpress allows grain producers to sell their products directly to customers—instead of selling their corn and other grain to an elevator.

“Our user-friendly units store and dispense fresh agricultural products and sell on demand without an attendant,” says Dr. James Hall, one of the founders. “We are a manufacturing business selling the Corn Xpress vending machines as distributorships. Buyers own the machine and set the price based on the market.” Unlike other options for grain buyers, with the Corn Xpress, feed can be purchased anytime, at their own convenience.

While researching payment partners, Corn Xpress discovered there were certain card services that were beneficial to their unattended vending needs. Specifically, they needed a service that was easy to use, but also provided strong customer support for quick activation and ready resolution of any payment issues.

“Our business is built on superior customer support,” says Dan Barnes. “When you buy a corn vending machine, you are not just buying a machine—you are entering into a partnership. At Corn Xpress, you are our partner, and as a business partner, we want to make sure that we do everything possible to make your experience and investment as pleasurable and profitable as possible.”

From this customer support focus, Corn Xpress chose Apriva and its secure, flexible payment gateway as their partner. “Apriva’s 24/7 support and incredible customer service is just as important to us as their processor connections and payment security,” said Barnes.

Leveraging Cayan merchant services, Corn Xpress currently uses MEI EASITRAX® Advance 5000™ readers to capture payment card information, and securely routes through the Apriva gateway to FDMS Omaha for processing. Apriva provides the flexibility to connect any vending management solution with any processor, or integrate with our gateway and other Apriva products.

Corn Xpress units have been set up in multiple states across the country, and the partners are ready to team up with more entrepreneurs. “We’re streamlining the corn industry, making access to grain more convenient,” Hall says.

For more information on Corn Xpress, visit their website at

~Bill Brooks, Key Account Manager at Apriva

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