Vending Cashless Payments

VendingTimes interviews Apriva CEO, David Riddiford

“We look at vending from two perspectives,” said David Riddiford, president of Apriva. “On the wide view, it’s a business that applies payment systems and related technology to self-service retailing. At a macro level, we believe it’s time to think about how the industry can change and expand over the next few years. There are opportunities today for taking the unattended point of sale to a higher level.”

Apriva helps vending operators to leverage opportunities in cloud computing and evolving technologies such as 4G, EMV, and mobile payments

Plus Apriva delivers the flexibility in cashless payment solutions to “buy wholesale” with regard to financial service providers, and so minimize payment processing costs.  This flexibility enables vending operators to “move to the next level with the right hardware and right transaction processor, all highly secure.”

Vending, unlike most retail businesses, has long been defined by the technology upon which it has relied to do business. Today, operators have the ability to adapt that technology to do business the way they wish to do it.  Apriva can provide expert assistance in making the adaptation.

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