What’s in a Name?

Names can carry a lot of meaning. Your parents probably spent a lot of time picking yours! Naming a company isn’t very different, except that companies tend to have a very defined purpose and personality before they have a name, so you can choose a name that fits what the company stands for. That’s what we did when we named Apriva.
Apriva, comes from the Italian word aperire, which means to open. This is exactly what we mean to communicate with our work at Apriva. Being a payment gateway, we understand that being open means more than just a few card brands or processors, it means providing the most connections to card brands and processors available in order to deliver the most choice to our customers. We want to open the doors to opportunities for our customers and enable them through our vast selection of partners in hardware, processing and channel providers. 
Our founders at Apriva started the company with a vision to bring security, choice and confidence to users of our Gateway, and they succeeded. Our point of sale solutions deliver connections to more than 35 processors and have certified more than 40 devices over our Gateway. Our information security solutions allow government agencies and high-security businesses to achieve the command, control and protection they need for sensitive and classified communications, even over personal mobile devices. 
At Apriva “open” means choice. It means open doors, open options and open pathways to conduct your business. It’s our goal to remove obstacles and provide you with the most open payment and communications solutions possible – so your business can focus on what it does best. 
Naming Apriva wasn’t a decision made lightly, we wanted to truly express what the company will bring to our customers, and “open” is exactly the sentiment we want to communicate to our partners, customers and the industry.