AprivaPay Any Way Now Supports Deep Link Capability

Deep Link

Apriva’s “AprivaPay Any Way” products, which include AprivaPay Mobile and AprivaPay Register, both run by the “AprivaPay” app available in the Google, Apple, and Amazon app stores, now support a “deep link” capability. What is a deep link, and what does it mean for you or your business?

What is a Deep Link?

A mobile deep link is a URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) that links to a specific location within a mobile app, rather than simply launching the app, or sending someone to a website page. Depending on the mobile device platform, the URL required to trigger the deep-link into an app may differ, and thus deep-linking should be set up by developers/integrators.

Merchant Benefits

In the case of AprivaPay, this capability allows app developers to include a “Pay with Apriva” button on their app, and pass payments over to the AprivaPay app, to securely process transactions through our gateway.

For example. Let’s say you have a business like a salon, an HVAC company, a pest control company, etc…and you use a bespoke app for your business for scheduling, booking, routing planning, and more. But an app built for a specific industry may not have payments built in at all, or if it does, it may not be a secure payment platform that supports all of the payment types that Apriva supports. With this new deep-link capability, your business can continue to use the app of your choice, and when it’s time to collect payment, process a subscription or recurring payment, or send a digital invoice, your employee can simply click a button, and be automatically transferred over to our AprivaPay app, where they can quickly and securely accept payments.

Other Features of AprivaPay Any Way:

Despite the bleak near-term outlook of chip production, the Microchip Shortage has not had a crippling effect on the payments industry. Nevertheless, to weather the logistical issues and production delays the Microchip Shortage is causing, there are several steps terminal makers, distributors, and especially payment-technology providers that sell terminals, can take.

  • Payment Acceptance includes credit and debit, mobile wallets, subscriptions, gift cards, campus cards, check and cash recording, and more.
  • Generate digital invoices via text or email
  • Powerful reporting dashboard including role-based, transaction graphs, and transaction detail reports.
  • Cloud inventory, control items, price, and tax rates across user base
  • Print order notes and receipts with receipt printer integration.
  • Comprehensive tip management.
  • Language and currency localization.
  • APIs and web services for integration needs.
  • Administrator access to user management including create, edit, suspend, monitor, and delete users.
  • Device management – geo-location tracking on devices and transactions.
  • Robust and secure two-factor authentication.
  • ADA compliant for Banks & FI’s
  • Card not present tokenization

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