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EV Charging + Other Vehicle Services
EV Charging Payments
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Self-Service Payment Solutions for EV Charging, Car Washes, Air and Vacuum Machines, and More

Whether you’re setting up a new solution, or starting fresh, Apriva is the only partner you need to accept payments for any self-service vehicle service business. Our solutions are affordable, secure, and best-of-class. Connect with us today to get started!

EV Charging

EV Charging



Air Pumps

Air Pumps

Need To Accept Fleet Card Payments? We Can Help!

If your business wants to accept payments from fleet cards for things like fuel, EV charging, car washes, and other vehicle services, let us know, we can help you accept that payment type!

We Can EMV Certify To any device + any processor!

We Can EMV Certify to Any Device + Processor You Need!

One of the unique things about Apriva is that we are processor agnostic! Need us to certify a payment device to a specific processor? We do this every day. Any device, any processor, just let us know. Here are just a few of the devices we already have EMV certified today!

Castles Saturn1000-E UPT
Madic Italia BV1000R BV1000L BV1000CK
Payter Apollo EMV Certification

Adding Cashless Payment Options Boosts Sales 42% on Average

Accepting basic credit card payments is so last year

Accept Any Way Your Customers Want to Pay

No matter what kind of payment you need to accept, we have a solution for you. Combine our secure payment gateway, wireless connectivity, self-service payments, mobile payments, and hardware devices to accept a variety of payment types:

credit and debit, vending payment, parking payment

Credit + Debit

Accept Magstripe, EMV chip, and Tap payments on your POS device.

parking payments

Mobile Wallets

Accept NFC Payments such as ApplePay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.

Campus Cards

Campus Cards

Accept campus cards, military ID cards, and other closed-loop payments.

Fleet Cards

Accept fleet cards that are assigned to by companies to their drivers for vehicle-related expenses.

Highest Level of Protection From Fraud

Apriva is a PCI Level 1 Service provider, Independently validated by VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council™ (PCI-SSC). We are one of the only P2PE Certified Gateways in the industry. Period. Others claim P2PE, but they are “self-assessed”. We are certified by a PCI Council Auditor every 2 years. This means the odds of you being responsible for a data breach are as low as they can possibly be.

Professional Services

Professional Payment Services Tailored to Your Needs

Payment Services

Leverage Apriva’s payment services to meet your payment needs, from white-labeling our mobile payment apps, choosing from multiple payment acceptance methods and devices, creating custom reporting, and more.

Customer Care

Apriva provides a 24/7 live US-based customer service center for merchants and resellers.  Dedicated account management and sales liaisons provide further support as your business grows with Apriva.

Integration Services

Part of Apriva’s payment services include integration services, which support Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), software developers, and app developers through the programmatic integration of secure payments.

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Product Highlight

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows you to securely accept transactions, any time you need to, anywhere you can access the internet. No app download needed. No POS device needed. Perfect for phone or mail-in orders, or as a reliable backup payment solution.

AprivaPay is Now on PAX!

Sign up for our free webinar on February 1 to learn more about what this means for you and your business.

Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

Apriva merchants can now use either a cash discount or a convenience fee with the AprivaPay mobile app!