Apriva's New EMV Certification to TSYS for Castles Offers Merchants Processing Flexibility

TSYS EMV Certification to Castles

Apriva just released a brand new EMV Certification for the Castles UPT1000 self-service point of sale (POS) device to processor TSYS, through processing platform Sierra! In fact, Apriva has 32 total EMV certifications for 15 unique point of sale (POS) devices. To see a complete list of Apriva’s EMV certified devices, please click here. Don’t see the device or processor you need on our list? Just contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll work together to find the best solution.

What does this new EMV Certification mean for merchants?

In the simplest terms, this means when your merchants sign up to do business with Apriva, they can immediately start accepting secure payments when they use our EMV certified devices and processors.

But there’s something special about this specific EMV Certification to TSYS that sets it apart..

How TSYS can route EMV payments to the acquiring bank of a merchants’ choice

If you see our EMV certifications and see a device of your choice listed to TSYS, but not your current acquirer, you can work with TSYS (as the largest third-party processor for US Banks) to keep your acquirer, while having your payments securely processed by TSYS.

It’s worth noting the terms “Processor” and “Acquirer”, are used interchangeably in the payments industry. For the purposes of this article, moving forward, we will use the term “Processor”. TSYS is the largest third-party processor for Banks in the U.S. Most processors, like TSYS, also act as a merchant’s acquiring bank.

As a reminder, this is what happens during an EMV card transaction.

  • When a merchant dips an EMV card in their POS terminal, their processor sends the transaction data through the acquiring bank (often the merchant uses the same company to be both their processor and acquiring bank).
  • The acquiring bank is where the merchant deposits their cash, checks, and where their credit card transactions go.
  • So when a consumer uses a card with their Issuing Bank, the merchant runs that card through their EMV Certified POS terminal, through their processor, through their acquiring bank, routes through the consumer’s card brand (like Mastercard or Visa), which then communicates with the consumer’s Issuing Bank to confirm they have funds, and then releases those funds back through this process all the way to the merchant, who then sees a message that their transaction has been accepted.

So, while TSYS is both a processor and an acquiring bank, they can also act as a processor that sits in front of the acquiring bank of a merchants’ choice, if they have an agreement in place with the merchant to do so. Most other processors do not offer this capability or flexibility.

Questions? Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about our EMV Certifications, the processors we work with, and more. Or, contact us today!

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