Keeping Government Communications Secure

These days, security is a top concern. From consumers to merchants, processors and government agencies, none of us are immune to growing security concerns. For the government, keeping communications from being intercepted or exposed is more than a concern; it’s critical to our national security.
Apriva began working with the US intelligence community in 2002 to develop smart card readers for RIM devices. These readers allowed personnel to securely send email from their mobile devices using their government IDs to verify identities and keep information in transit secure from prying eyes. From there, Apriva continued to build on its work with government agencies by partnering with manufacturers to develop Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Devices (SME PEDs) and to expand their smart card readers to include Bluetooth capabilities. 
At Apriva, we understand that secure mobile communications are essential for both our government and businesses. To that end, we’ve worked with the US intelligence community to add our MESA VPN Gateway to the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) list. This means that our VPN Gateway has undergone a thorough government review and has met the stringent security and management requirements set forth by the CSfC program. CSfC solutions bring government-level security to enterprises looking to deploy secure communications technologies, allowing businesses to have the same peace of mind delivered by solutions deployed in government agencies. While we work with the government to provide secure communications technologies on many levels, we make that same technology available to enable mobile businesses across the country. 
With high-profile breaches on the rise, the security of our government and business communications is paramount. As more and more people work remotely on different networks, the potential for information to be intercepted or viewed by third parties grows exponentially. It’s particularly important to be able to send sensitive information safely via mobile devices when in the field for covert operations or when travelling between meetings. From mobile communications to mobile payments and beyond, Apriva continues to provide secure technologies to protect government, businesses and consumers alike from fraud and information theft. 
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– Jeff Ford, COO & President of Apriva ISS