Enhancing Mobile Payments with Mobile Printing

Mobile payments are near and dear to us at Apriva. We have long worked to enable businesses of all sizes to have easier access to accepting mobile payments via our AprivaPay Mobile white-label application, which is widely used by partners such as iPayment, Global Payments and Valley National Bank. As part of our continued pursuit to improve mobile payments, our focus has shifted to enabling merchants to deliver the same positive experience whether they are mobile or at a brick-and-mortar location. Many consumers still prefer receiving physical receipts for purchase tracking and because it is something they have grown accustomed too. The act of providing an email and not walking away with a piece of paper that catalogues the transaction doesn’t quite fulfill them. In addition to this, many businesses must provide physical receipts in order to comply with regulations or accommodate their business model, such as taxis, valets and parking garages, among others. This is a critical gap in the market right now and one that we felt it critical to address.
This month, we made an exciting announcement that will help all merchants using AprivaPay Mobile to better serve their customers by enabling them to issue paper receipts via mobile printing terminals wherever they are. We are now able to deliver mobile printing capabilities to AprivaPay Mobile customers through our new partnership with Star Micronics’ which integrates their TSP650II BTi desktop printer, and the SM-S220i and SM-S230i portable printers to our application.
For those of you not aware, our AprivaPay Mobile solution is a great low-cost option for merchants because it provides support for EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, debit and credit cards on common off-the-shelf devices. Our latest versions now support Apple, Android and Amazon Fire devices. AprivaPay Mobile provides robust reporting features to merchants via an online web companion portal and complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations in order to provide the full functionality that counter-top POS terminals offer.
AprivaPay Mobile is one of the most comprehensively EMV certified applications available with three finished certifications to date, and many more on the horizon. Keep checking back in as we continue to make mobile payments a worry-free process for both merchants and customers alike. 
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~ Benjamin Hurley, Senior Director, Mobile Product Management & Business Development
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