Payment Reporting for Merchants

In the age of information, businesses are requiring more information faster than ever before. Business reporting options for merchants have significantly improved over the past 10 years with real-time reporting, robust analytics programs and customized reports. Now more and more merchants are understanding the integral part these reports play in their business decisions. Real-time reports and analytics allow merchants to boost productivity, gain sales and marketing intelligence, track return on investment, gain consumer behavior insights, and turn raw data into actionable information.

A new integration with Google Data Studio and Apriva’s Merchant Studio delivers this actionable information in a dynamic and versatile format for merchants. Apriva’s Merchant Studio XML data feeds are integrated with Data Studio—in beta—to create advanced and robust real time KPI analytic dashboards.

Apriva Merchant Studio

Apriva has implemented a real-time XML report which securely streams live transactional data (associated with a given merchant) from Merchant Studio. This data feed can be consumed by a third-party application, such as Data Studio, which can parse the XML to generate robust real-time KPI analytic dashboards—including multi-TID level views.

Apriva’s Merchant Studio XML feed contain an abundance of data—from non-sensitive financial information to user data, application data, inventory, refunds, card types, tender types and more. This data can be consumed by Google’s Data Studio to create branded dashboards for the real-time data visualizations of a merchant’s business.

Google Data Studio

Part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Data Studio turns analytic data into custom reports using data visualization. Reports are customized from types of graphs to fonts, colors, and branding. The reports are also dynamic and are updated automatically when the data source is updated. And most importantly, the reports can be easily shared—allowing you to give merchants/clients permission to view the reports and make edits.

Generate Your Reports

You can tap the versatility and customization capabilities of this enhanced reporting today! Contact your Apriva account manager to learn more about our Merchant Studio, our XML reporting, and how you might integrate Google’s Data Studio to create dynamic dashboards for merchants.

By Benjamin Hurley, Senior Director of Mobile Product Management at Apriva