Payments for On-Campus and Off-Campus Merchants at NACCU 2017

The Apriva team is excited to present at this year’s NACCU Annual Conference.  As the senior director of product management at Apriva, I find the NACCU event to be a great place for professionals from a wide array of disciplines and management perspectives to meet, learn about technological advances, marketing innovations and business practices. Campus cards have their own ecosystem and innovations in implementing, operating, and expanding a successful campus card program occur every day.

At this year’s conference, I will be presenting on enhancing security and convenience for on and off-campus vendors and merchants. Digitally-minded students are steering towards cashless systems very quickly—demanding convenient, secure ways to purchase items on and around campus—and this trend is met with challenges within the payment industry. Apriva is eager to discuss those challenges and present ideas for secure, flexible solutions.

Apriva will also be sponsoring and presenting the Best Marketing Campaign Award.  This award recognizes the best use of a variety of marketing efforts to enhance an institution’s campus card’s visibility and value.

We invite you to meet us at NACCU's Annual Conference on April 2-5, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. For more information or to register for the event, please visit

~Russ Palay, Senior Director of Product Management

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