The Mobile, Cashless Life on Campus

It’s back-to-school season. Students around the country are bringing all kinds of technology with them for the new school year, and there is no better time than now for merchants to consider the ways that mobile marketing and cashless payments can help their businesses.
Mobile holds incredible potential for local merchants and large businesses alike. Most of us are very attached to our smartphones; we like to carry them with us at all times as a matter of convenience. Leveraging these devices as part of a marketing campaign, whether through promotional deals or loyalty programs, just makes sense. And geo-location features offer an exciting opportunity for personalization. Potential customers walk by your business every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share targeted, special offers with them via mobile when they’re nearby to catch their interest?
These aren’t pipe dreams, either. Mobile resources are now available to help your business build relationships with customers for greater growth opportunities. For example, our AprivaLife™ platform offers a customizable mobile application that makes it easy for businesses to capitalize on the benefits of mobile marketing. With the application, it’s simple for merchants to share deals, manage promotions and create targeted advertising. And it’s just as simple for customers to use.
Cashless payments, whether via mobile device or campus card, are also growing in popularity in the collegiate environment. Students may not always have cash, but chances are that they have their smartphones or student IDs with them. Vending machines, on-campus retail locations and surrounding businesses are beginning to offer these as payment options.
Apriva’s POS solutions enable the acceptance and processing of these payments – AprivaLife has a payment feature that can be built into customized applications, and we offer the only cashless payment gateway established with all major campus card service providers. The Apriva Gateway streamlines campus commerce systems, generating cost savings and giving campuses a technology advantage.
Technology has made this an exciting time for students, but it’s also an exciting time for merchants. There is a new world of marketing and payment options out there to leverage for growing your business, and our goal is to help you succeed in doing so.
– Karen Coblentz, Senior Director of Product Management
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