What is Apriva's Merchant Studio?

The Powerful Web-Based Dashboard With Everything Merchants Need to Run Their Business

Apriva’s Merchant Studio is a web-based platform that is particularly useful to small and mid-sized merchants. Whether a merchant is using Apriva’s Gateway, our AprivaPay mobile payment application, or our self-service solutions for vending, micro-markets, and more, all transaction data funnels to Merchant Studio, providing a comprehensive view of business statistics.

Merchant Studio is crucial for multi-channel sales, when a business operates across different channels and needs to manage inventory and metrics from across the business in a single platform.

Merchant Studio empowers merchants to analyze transaction statistics, prepare and send digital invoices, manage inventory, and even create custom reports so they can better manage their overall business. This is also where subscription and recurring payments can be set up, processed, and managed, and where customer profiles and lists can be imported, exported, and created. Admin-level profiles in Merchant Studio can also add users and assign user roles, and Merchant Studio also acts as Apriva’s first-line Support hub. While we offer live US-based phone support 24/7/365, you can also log support requests through Merchant Studio, and search for and view a wide variety of support articles and videos to troubleshoot common questions.

In addition to all of this, Merchant Studio can also be used as a Virtual Terminal, or Web Terminal. Simply put, it can be used to securely process payments over the phone, or any other time a point-of-sale device isn’t available.

Merchant Studio is Always Included With AprivaPay!

Virtual terminal transaction capabilities, great for taking payments securely over the phone.


Refund capabilities for mobile, invoice, subscription, or virtual terminal transactions.

Sales Reports

Advanced reporting dashboard including sales stats, and reports on transactions, sales tax, inventory, tips, and more.

Admin-level user creation and management.

Cloud inventory management. 

Exportable enterprise-level XML reports.

Customer Service

Integrated customer support allows merchants to log support requests, or leverage our library of support articles.

Generate Digital Invoices

Generate digital invoices and send via email or text.

Recurring billing enables subscription or membership payments. 

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Product Highlight

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows you to securely accept transactions, any time you need to, anywhere you can access the internet. No app download needed. No POS device needed. Perfect for phone or mail-in orders, or as a reliable backup payment solution.

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Apriva Now Offers Dual Pricing!

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