Apriva Enters New International Markets

PHOENIX, AZ – 2 JULY 2020 – Apriva, a leading payment service provider is set to expand its mobile payment processing services in Mexico, Canada, and the UK. The move is in line with a recent partnership between the fintech company and key financial institutions in those markets. This serves as a part of Apriva’s ongoing mission of becoming a leading payment service provider on the global stage.

Apriva will be enabling mobile payment solutions that are both compliant with local processing standards and tailored to the business needs of each geography. . These mobile services will support both EMV-certified contact and contactless payments, digital invoicing and card not present transactions. The company’s AprivaPay mobile solution is compatible with Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Merchants using AprivaPay will have access to the system’s intuitive merchant portal for tracking of every mPOS transaction and insight into their business.

David Riddiford, President at Apriva shares, “Entering these international markets with our mobile product is an important next step in our growth as a company. Our market-leading mobile payment product suite has the ability and flexibility to incorporate market-specific mandates and functionality, such as GDPR compliance in the UK, Interac and Interac Flash in Canada, and alternative payment methods in Mexico. We are excited to introduce our world-class technology into these markets to aid small businesses in these testing times.”

Services provided in the new international markets will be provided in multi-lingual and multi-currency formats and optimized for ease of use, accessibility and local business practices. Apriva produces mobile products that are compliant with the current standards in payment security and the latest trends in mobile-first designs.

Apriva’s constant drive toward innovation and quality user experience has made it the preferred choice for both everyday merchants, , large enterprises as well as government entities.

About Apriva

Apriva founded in 2003 with the mission of delivering a highly adaptable payment platform. The company continues to provide businesses and organizations with end-to-end omnichannel payment and secure mobile technologies through two operating groups, Apriva Payments, and Apriva Mobile Security.

For more information, please visit www.apriva.com

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