Mobile SDK Integration Tip #7: Announcing the Mobile SDK Update for Walker 1.0 MSR Integration

After years of helping developers implement SDKs to add payment processing to their POS solution, the Apriva Integration Services (AIS) team has learned several best practices for effective implementation. In the coming months, we will be sharing these tips and recommendations to help your team prepare for integration, make the process as smooth as possible, and keep your mobile payments solution up to date long after launch.
This month’s tip is an exciting announcement for integrators that offer mPOS solutions to businesses using the Anywhere Commerce Walker 1.0™ magnetic stripe reader (MSR).
Apriva recently released the version 1.7 update to our mobile payment SDK, which includes a new option for integrating the Anywhere Commerce Walker 1.0 MSR. This update also contains payment checkout screens so you don’t have to build your own. Now, you can simplify Walker 1.0 MSR integration and start accepting mobile payments quicker and easier than ever before.
The v1.7 release supports Walker 1.0 MSR transactions, and support for EMV and other readers is coming soon. Apriva also provides sample applications and parsing support for the Rambler 3.0, BTMag, and Shuttle readers.
Look for two new features, also coming soon: version 1.8 will include Partial Authorization support, which is especially valuable where a cardholder wants to pay with a gift card but doesn’t have enough funds available to pay for the entire purchase. This feature allows for the ability to prompt for an additional payment card to cover the remainder of the order amount. Version 1.9 will include native manual entry screens to process manually-keyed card transactions. Expect these new features in late January, early February.
Download the v1.7 mobile payment SDK release to start the simple integration process today and get your solution to market fast. 
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