Accept Payments Through Omnichannel Offering

Merchants today need to connect with their prospects and customers across multiple channels to survive and thrive.  This “omnichannel” strategy requires meeting the customer in store, online, with mobile, with self-service and vending, perhaps even with mail order/telephone order options.  And where merchants connect with customers, they must be ready to take payments on that channel, as requiring customers to order or pay through another channel risks losing the sale.

Merchant service providers (MSPs) recognize the importance of providing omnichannel technology solutions for merchants who support multiple touchpoints in a competitive marketplace.

Technology Driving Business

Tech-savvy consumers require merchants—and their MSPs—to offer omnichannel payment options, everything from in-store terminals, to mobile pay, eCommerce, self-service payments, vending, loyalty programs, and much more than traditional POS solutions.  In addition, MSPs must provide value-added services and customer support for merchants to win and retain their market share.

Providing such a diverse and adaptive range of payment services can be challenging for MSPs.  Coupled with the niche technologies and industry knowledge required to support specialized markets, MSPs need to be both forward-thinking and responsive to effectively serve ever-evolving merchant needs.  And MSPs need technology partners similarly aligned to forward-thinking solutions and responsive customer support to bolster their solution sets.

Apriva’s Adaptive Payment Platform

Apriva’s technologies can be tailored to meet the payment needs of merchant markets.  From payment acceptance via smartphones and tablets, to self-service/unattended retail, virtual terminal, digital invoicing, and integrated payments encompassing a wide variety of MSR, semi-integrated EMV, or full EMV devices, Apriva delivers a broad set of products to resell to merchants.

Uniting payments across all channels, Apriva’s payment platform includes customizable reporting, reconciliation, BIN range management, interchange optimization, mobile loyalty and rewards, plus traditional and disruptive payment technologies.  With Apriva’s broad and agnostic approach to payment processors, payment types, and hardware, MSPs gain the ability to offer a wide variety of options to their merchants.

Plus, Apriva offers a unique “unlimited growth” pricing model that locks in payment processing costs on the platform, allowing MSPs to aggressively grow—enjoying greater margins while costs stay flat and revenues rise.  And as trusted advisors to over 1,100 ISOs and MSPs across North America, Apriva delivers secure payment technologies that are ever evolving to capture payments and reduce risks.

 Our Technology, Your Markets

Visit our new website at to learn more about our payment platform and programs to support MSPs in multiple markets.  Apriva’s technology and even our professional services can be white-labeled to reflect your brand and markets.

Our onsite, Level 1 and Level 2 customer care center provides 24×7 telephone support, our training and go-to-market teams are ready to accelerate your sales cycles, and our engineering teams can quickly integrate new payment solutions in our adaptive platform.  Contact us today at to discover how our technology can help you grow your business.

By Scott Dowty, Chief Revenue Officer 

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Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows you to securely accept transactions, any time you need to, anywhere you can access the internet. No app download needed. No POS device needed. Perfect for phone or mail-in orders, or as a reliable backup payment solution.

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