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Whether you’re a new business just starting out, a one-man shop, or a purveyor of mobile goods and services, it’s important to have a payment solution you can count on. Today, with new payments technology constantly evolving, being able to accept the latest forms of payment is essential to business growth. With AprivaPay Mobile, it is easy for a wide array of businesses from legal services, to house cleaning and mobile pet grooming to accept EMV and the latest in payments at a low cost via Apple, Android™ and Amazon Fire devices. 
Small or large, no matter the size of your business, you can easily accept mobile payments on the smartphone or tablet of your choice. AprivaPay Mobile is a white-labelled solution that can be branded for major banks or ISOs to offer their customers a flexible solution connecting almost any payment acceptance device with over 35 processors. Merchants can easily do business in stores or on-the-go, making it the ultimate mobile payment application. 
To give you an idea of how the application can be used, we put together a list of services where AprivaPay Mobile is the ideal payment solution:
1. Delivered Services. As a business that needs to serve customers on-location, having a payment platform that helps simplify business is important. For those offering in-home tutoring, house cleaning, massage therapy or other delivered services, mobile payment acceptance is key. Each AprivaPay Mobile account supports up to 10 users, which makes it ideal for business with multiple field personnel. 
2. Professional Services. Whether a law firm or an accountant, businesses should be able to trust that all payment transactions are secure. AprivaPay Mobile eliminates security risk by encrypting card readers and securely storing all transaction information on the Apriva Gateway via end-to-end encryption. 
3. Portable Services. When you’re a business on the move, having a stationary payment platform isn’t practical. Being able to use a secure and flexible payment platform is ideal for those whose business relies on mobility. Businesses like mobile pet grooming, farmer’s market stands, or mobile pet dentistry are perfect candidates for AprivaPay Mobile. We at Apriva recognize that you and your business need to have a payment platform moves as fast as you do. 
With AprivaPay Mobile, merchants can easily set up multiple sales tax and tipping setting, view or search sales history, and more. Be sure to contact your Apriva account manager to ask about taking the next step in growing your business reach by integrating a solution that can accept all payments and keep them secure. AprivaPay Mobile allows merchants to accept payments anywhere leveraging mobile payment technology and provides management and tracking tools via the Apriva Merchant Portal. 
Want to know more about AprivaPay Mobile? Contact our team to discuss how you can use this solution. 
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– Benjamin Hurley, Senior Director, Mobile Product Management

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